help us bring the Ghost back to life


The story of Ghost of you began with an obsession. Throughout all my adolescence, I’ve been haunted by the intrusive thought that a man is watching me at all times. I found myself consumed by my assessment of my person in relation to how this invisible man would desire me. This feeling of being watched has affected my entire relationship to myself. I started to conjure up men watching me as a coping mechanism. The story of Ghost of you is ultimately about desire and control.

Ghost of you follows 16-year-old Mae who, plagued by her own sexualization, conjures up a Ghost dressed in a bedsheet to watch her every move. A scorching heatwave and California’s fire season serves as a backdrop for the film. At the time I began writing “Ghost of you”, I was living in Oakland, California and experiencing toxic air quality, orange skies, and raining ash. It was unbelievably suffocating and made the impending doom of climate change impossible to look away from.

In July of 2021, we trekked out in the slimy, orange heat to shoot this Southern Gothic fever dream. We were eager to be back on a set and to tell this story that we had developed for over a year. It finally felt safe to do so -- we were riding the high of early summer 2021 with everyone we knew being freshly vaccinated. But unfortunately, our shoot was interrupted by an outbreak of the Delta Variant in Los Angeles which postponed the rest of our shoot.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, we are very excited to gear back up for 2022! Having more time to revamp our shoot has allowed us to think even bigger about where we can take “Ghost of you”! We are incredibly excited to make “Ghost of you” on a bigger budget with dream equipment, a new swampy location in Topanga, and bring on more people we love to the project. We are allowing ourselves more time + care for a story that is so beloved to us.

Currently, we are in pre-production organizing our production dates, our funding allocations, and getting our creative team back to the story. We’ve created a new health and safety protocol which includes new covid guidelines, two COVID compliance officers on set, available testing, and an intimacy coordinator. We are on track and excited for our upcoming shoot. For interest in partnering with or financing the film, please email or click the contact link to the left.