In a worn-down house full of women, 16-year-old Mae is watched by a sheet ghost. 
Suffocated by fire season, she fights a surrender to the ghost’s gaze.

Mae spends a scorching summer battling a heatwave and fire season with her two sisters, 18-year-old Louise and 13-year-old Jenny. She lives in a crumbling California house with her sisters, mother, and grandmother -- all seemingly haunted by the presence of something absent.

While Mae spends very limited time outdoors due to a grotesque AQI, she becomes enamored with a Ghost dressed in a bedsheet that seems to watch her every move. At first, Mae finds herself attracted to the Ghost but over time the Ghost becomes a sinister presence in Mae’s life -- she never spends a moment alone, every detail in her life is watched by him.

As Mae navigates her own relationship to the Ghost, she becomes more aware of a male gaze that sexualizes her and her sisters. Louise is protective of Mae and Jenny, exploding at grown men who ogle them. Jenny is transforming from child to teenager and becoming aware of the space her body takes up. Mae is embarrassed by her own body but also craves being desired. She obsesses over her memories of Toby, a crush that moved towns. She lets her fantasies run wild. But her desire to be percieved overpowers her own autonomy. Mae loses control of conjuring her own fantasies and transforms into a fantasy for the Ghost himself. Mae’s world burns and she fights a surrender to the impending doom that’s been ignored and normalized all around her.